Covid-19 Schools In USA Under Pressure To Reopen


Covid-19 Schools in the US are under increasing pressure to reopen after more than 20 years. The school board and community were very concerned that many of the children who had attended the school for several generations could not continue due to rising costs and other issues. Many parents are very supportive and have invested a lot of time and money into their children’s education at this small school. However, the school became under-funded with the recession and many community members feel the school was lost while the community looked for ways to solve its budget crisis. This tragic situation has touched the hearts and minds of thousands who feel the school closed its doors while the community looked for solutions.

Parents and community members are very frustrated and want to know why the schools have closed. The school system was closed for three days due to non-payment of several million dollars in unpaid teacher salaries and bills. Although no children were hurt during this tragedy, the entire school staff and administration were notified of the intent to reopen the schools on Friday. The entire school system and faculty were notified that unless they agree to reinstate all employees, they will be terminated. It is unbelievable that the school board would allow this to happen when so many students were wrongfully terminated during the school year. In addition, the state law requires that if the schools are not open for three consecutive days due to financial reasons the state Board of Education has to reinstate the schools.

Local officials and community leaders are blaming the school district superintendent, because this was not an emergency situation. Instead of contacting the parents and students affected, they are blaming the superintendent and are threatening to take legal action against her. Although it is their job to keep schools open and make sure the funds are there to pay teachers and school nurses, they were apparently unaware that several thousand dollars in paychecks were not available when the schools were closed. This is obviously an example of malfeasance on the part of the local school board.

Although the economic recession is being felt by every American in the nation, the leaders in the community and school system are looking for someone else to blame for the schools not being open on time. Since no one is willing to step forward to suggest what could have been done to prevent this from happening, it is obvious the community and school leaders are at least partially to blame. Although they can point fingers at others, in the end it comes down to choosing leadership that will put children’s interests first before their own. If the local school system fails to do this, they should be held responsible for the irresponsible actions of their leaders.

There are several things that can be done to help the schools survive the economic recession better than before. Although it is very unfortunate that more parents are unable to afford to pay their children’s tuition and living costs, it is at least a good thing that we are finally able to find some means of paying for our children’s education. Another positive thing is the opportunity for parents to take advantage of the free money that was given out by the state to help them cover these expenses. I think the schools and the community as a whole will benefit greatly from the increased funding.

Perhaps some schools will close their doors, while others will continue to operate using whatever means they can find. But, eventually the children and families will suffer because there will not be enough funding available to provide them with the educational opportunities and college funds they deserve. It is up to all Americans to do whatever they can to help our economy recover, and I believe schools in America will benefit when they are allowed to reopen and do their job. Please consider all this in 2021.

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